Gain confidence to inspire and lead

Influence people around you, create high quality relationships and become a catalyst leader.

Personalized Leadership Coaching Program

Personalized program for you to achieve your goals and become a confident leader who can mobilize and inspire your teams.

Reliable and effective private sessions

Become a change agent within your company. Function at a high level of emotional intelligence Implement professional growth strategies. Become a pivot for your team and a key player for your stakeholders.

What do you get from your coaching sessions?


Strategies to building structural, personal and cognitive power.


Tactics on building high quality connections and relationships.

Personal Brand

Developing personal branding and mission statement


Learn about responsibility of power


Differences between Influence and manipulation.

Dealing with Conflict

Appropriate communication tactics when dealing with a conflict

Boost your career and life growth

Learn the strategies of successful networking and growing your professional presence. Develop persuasion and mobilize your team towards a goal. 

Your coach Alexandra Zelinski

Alexandra Zelinski is the founder of Executive Weekly Coaching and Human Development. BA in English language and Literature, specialization in high performing teams in Adolfo Ibañez University, Chile.

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